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How LinkDoctor Improved TestProject’s Domain Rating to 60 and Reached an All-Time High Number of Ranking Keywords Increasing their User Signups

TestProject offers free E2E test automation tools for mobile and web applications. They’re the first company in the world that offers the platform for free while providing support and helpful guides for tested and developers.

Computer Software

Petah-Tikvah, Israel

Company Size:
11-50 employees


Sapir Lyubinsky, Performace Marketing & Content Strategist

176% Increase
In Organic Traffic

88% Increase
In Organic Keywords

41 to 61
Increase in Domain Rating (aDR)

Our meeting with TestProject unfolded a list of expectations they were seeking from LinkDoctor. But their main goals are plain and simple – to get more people to sign up for Test Project and to improve their domain authority and ranking. They disclosed that they were doing everything they could for their website’s SEO.

But they weren’t able to see their domain rating and authority to improve. This is where we stepped in to help them out.


TestProject has shared with us the problems that they want to resolve through our services:

Low Number of New TestProject Users

One of the problems that TestProject wanted to solve by us is the number of users signing up on their site. As their platform is free to use, it should be expected that there would be an increasing number of new users. Unfortunately, they don’t get enough visibility which leads to low new user sign-ups monthly.

Efforts to Improve Domain Authority did not yield Result

TestProject’s efforts to improve their rating and authority were not enough to yield results. There were some loopholes in their methods even though they were following white hat strategies.


After getting all the necessary details from TestProject, we went ahead and started gaining high-quality links through this process:

1. Assembling the Team

As we have guest post writers that are experts in different industries, we needed to find suitable writers that have extensive knowledge and experience in software and app development. With the great SEO expertise of our current team and the technical knowledge of new writers we hired for this project, we were sure to get quality links for their first and next orders.

2. On site audit and competition check

Our CEO and COO set a strategic meeting with the project leader to convey all the information that they have discussed with TestProject’s representatives. The discussion involved brainstorming on the best strategies to use to not only improve their domain rating and authority but also reach out to their target market to improve their new user sign-up rates.

3. Outreach Campaign Setting

We strategically chose the sites we reach out to as there are many websites that publish articles on test automation and software development despite not being relevant to their target audience. The issue with these sites lies in the relevancy and their readers. Getting backlinks for TestProject from these sites will not yield any good SEO juice and new users of their platform.

After tedious checking and listing of the sites for this project, we created our email drafts for the campaigns and sent them to the ideal prospect websites.


TestProject’s organic traffic and user signup we started to increase as we built links.

For most of their target keywords they started to rank in page 1.

4. Publishing in Authoritative Industry Blogs

The next challenge that laid out before us was negotiating with the websites that replied to our emails. Some websites accepted our topic proposals. But others were a bit tough to crack as they were looking for highly technical content. A few rejections didn’t stop us from suggesting more topics until the sites found something that piqued their interests.

Our technical writers poured their knowledge and expertise into every article they created for TestProject. We’ve received a lot of praise and thanks from the prospect sites that we submitted the articles to.

One of the links was won from Postman.com, industry’s leading source.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

After working with LinkDoctor, TestProject website was ranking for all time high number of organic keywords.

Not only that, the team observed significant improvement in the user signup for TestProject’s testing tool.


They are serious & ambitious to deliver great SEO results and put customer goal first.

They are serious & ambitious to deliver great SEO results. All the communication is in front of the founders (Sam & Dan), and they are always available. They invest deep thought in strategy and put the customer goal first increase in conversions!

– Sapir Lyubinsky, Performace Marketing & Content Strategist

Business Impact

Here are the all results and impact we were able to make in TestProject’s business:

1. New User Signups

As we have reached out to relevant websites in the software development industry, we were able to achieve another goal for TestProject — to improve their new user signup rates. Getting guest posts with their links live on popular, authoritative websites helped improve their visibility.

With the increase in the ranking of organic keywords, more people are discovering about TestProject. We achieved competitive and relevant keywords to get on the page 1 rankings.

2. Improved Domain Rating and Overall Metrics

After about a year of our services, TestProject’s metrics have improved. Their domain rating increased by 10 points and their organic traffic went up by about 40%. As we’re continuously building links for them until today, it’s expected that these numbers will proceed to increase in the months to come.

3. Improved traffic and keywords​

Our link building efforts also reflected on their traffic and keyword rankings. As software testing and development is a competitive niche, TestProject needed to improve these vital aspects that would solidify their authoritative position in the industry. As we continue to link building for TestProject, their traffic and keywords continue to improve.


Key Takeaways:

  • TestProject was able to set clear goals for us that allowed us to create targeted strategies to achieve them.
  • Improving one’s rating and authority in a competitive industry may take time. But every link we won added SEO value for TestProject that made way for their metrics to continuously improve in a span of almost 1 year.
  • Being able to produce technical articles greatly helped in getting backlinks from related websites. This proves that quality content is still the key to improving a website’s domain rating and authority.
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