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How LinkDoctor Delivered Results in 2 Months what other Agencies couldn’t do it in a year for Magnus Home Products?

Magnus Home Products is an online retailer that offers household products including kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Unlike other retailers that sell products of other brands, Magnus Home works directly with manufacturers that enables them to offer competitive and more affordable prices to their customers.

Retail, Household Products

Erlanger, Kentucky

Company Size:
11-50 employees


Michael J. Fox, CEO, Corberry Digital

225% Increase
In Organic Traffic

113% Increase
In Organic Keywords

973+ Keywords
In Position 1 to 3

Michael Fox reached out to us hoping that we could deliver what we promise to our clients. He explained the SEO challenges he is facing with his websites. He reached out to us for his other websites as well, but he prioritized Magnus Home’s improvement. After 2 months, we were able to deliver the results that he was looking for.


Michael shared with us the problems he faced with SEO for his sites:

No Improvement after working for a year with the current SEO agency

Michael shared his experience acquiring services from a well-known SEO company. He had worked with them for a year but didn’t get his target results. As it is a well-known brand, they had many clients and the rates were higher. 

Michael also shared that he wasn’t able to share his preference with the team that worked on his sites. This made it difficult for him to work with the said company.

Low SEO Metrics

For a site that has been created in 2018, Magnus Home’s metrics should’ve been higher than what we have observed when we started link building for the site. This proved that the SEO work done on the site for the past year was inadequate. And being in the retail industry, the eCommerce site’s rating and authority as well as the traffic are crucial to gain more sales.


With the information we have acquired from Michael from our meetings, our team began working on the project and delivered results in 2 months.

1. The Team with eCommerce Knowledge

Besides our team’s SEO expertise, the leader assigned to the project has an eCommerce background which helped in creating a better strategy for Magnus Home. And with the specific sub-niche of the site, we assigned writers with not only eCommerce writing experience, but also knowledge about home improvement and product reviews.

2. Creating the Strategy

The team, together with our CEO and COO, came up with different plans to execute to achieve the goals and expectations given by Michael. We didn’t only think about improving their metrics. We also wanted to get sales for Magnus Home who are potential customers to improve the site’s sales as we’re moving towards the improvement of its domain authority and traffic.

3. Setting the Campaigns​

Once the strategies were settled, we went ahead and created a list of relevant websites that met the requirements that include:

  1. The sites must be relevant to Magnus Home’s niche. 
  2. They must not be made for guest post sites. 
  3. They should meet the domain rating requirements.
  4. High domain rating and authority of the sites should not have been acquired through black hat methods.
  5. The site’s audience should be potential customers.

After tediously creating the website lists, we then have our copywriters create email drafts for our outreach campaign sequences.


The team, together with our CEO and COO, came up with different plans to execute to achieve the goals and expectations given by Michael.

LinkDoctor took just 2 months to deliver concrete results.

4. Relevant High Quality Outreach

Once we get replies from the websites we reached out to, our email marketers handle the negotiations to get an agreement on the topics and writing guidelines. 

The home improvement and household products niches are very common and many blogs are writing on general topics. We needed to write unique articles that surpass the quality of popular posts ranking for the keywords we’re targeting. 

The articles were written, edited, and proofread before doing the final optimizations. Some of the prospects came back and ask for edits to be made to the articles and we comply accordingly.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

Michael started working with us after he was trusted working with a well known SEO brand for over a year. The results they delivered was sub-standard and Michael felt he was being thrown inside a machine without proper attention.

With LinkDoctor it took just 2 months to bring in concrete rank changes and business impacting results.


Rankings improved month one where other companies took much longer with less valuable back links and guest posts.

Reports are timely, and the work is more superior compared to the work of many well known backlinking companies. Rankings improved month one where other companies took much longer with less valuable backlinks and guest posts. 

– Michael J. Fox, CEO

Business Impact

After two months of our exhaustive link building efforts, we have delivered results that Michael was looking for:

1. Increased Sales

The increase in sales for Magnus Home didn’t come immediately, but it has now shown an uptick in sales of its bathtub products as of September 2021. It’s understandable as bathtubs are costly with a high margin. We have no actual numbers of the sale increase, but Michael has shared with us this good news.

We expect that the sales will continue to rise with our continuous link building efforts for Magnus Home.

2. Improvements in Overall Metrics

There were significant improvements in Magnus Home’s overall ranking keyword count, referring domains, and organic traffic in only 2 months of link building. We not only worked on the main target keywords but also others that are included in the keyword groups.

The traffic increased as well not only because of the keyword ranking improvements, but as we also targeted websites with audiences that have high interests in the guest posts we have submitted to websites. We have optimized the guest posts to make sure that they rank for different keywords as well. This ensured that our guest posts were visible in the SERPs.


Key Takeaways:

  • SEO is a crucial factor in the success of eCommerce sites. It delivers all kinds of benefits that include improved conversion rates and organic traffic.
  • Keeping our client, Michael Fox, constantly updated on the campaigns and the progress of our process helped him to do proactive measures to his site that helped in the quick turnaround of the results. 
  • The importance of optimizing guest posts to rank for related target keywords of the site we’re link building also helped in acquiring more benefits for the website.
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