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How LinkDoctor Helped BlazingSEO achieve All Time High Revenue?

BlazingSEO LLC is a proxy and server solutions provider. From data center proxies to residential proxies, BlazingSEO LLC has made a mark in the industry by providing excellent products and services to businesses.

IT and Services

Lincoln, Nebraska, US

Company Size:
20-30 employees


Isaac Coleman, Marketing Director

All Time High

89% Increase
In Organic Traffic

46 to 57
Increase in Domain Rating (aDR)

We had our sales pitch with Derek Knorr (COO), Isaac Coleman (Marketing Director), and other shot callers in their company. We presented an overview of LinkDoctor’s process on how we’re planning to achieve their goals. Derek approved our pitch and they chose to work with us because of our work ethics as well.

And within only 2 months with us, they have delivered great news on the increase of not only their website traffic but also their conversion rate.


Through our meeting and the forms they have filled up, we determined the main problems that BlazingSEO needed help with:

Not Enough Organic Traffic

BlazingSEO belongs to one of the most in-demand industries. When we compared their stats to their main competitors, their organic traffic was relatively low. They’ve also expressed their desire to gain more traffic from our link building efforts. This was one of the goals they wanted to achieve by working with us.

Domain Rating and Authority Need Improvement

Higher domain ratings and authority lead to higher traffic for any website. This also allows a website to become more “trustworthy”. This is why BlazingSEO wanted to improve their site’s rating and authority — to get all the benefits an authoritative website gets.

Negative SEO

Based on our meeting, BlazingSEO has disclosed details on negative SEO activities being done that target their site. These have reflected negatively on the site and its metrics. It’s one of the reasons why their domain rating and organic traffic don’t increase as they should.


Our team began working on this project and in just 2 months, BlazingSEO experienced the improvements they were looking for.

1. Putting together the Perfect Team

We needed to assign team members who have extensive experience and knowledge of proxy servers and technology. BlazingSEO went ahead and started with one of our larger packages so we assigned more writers and editors to this project to meet our deadline with them. The assigned project leader not only has the appropriate SEO experience, but also has a great understanding of the industry.

2. Auditing and Reviewing Their PPC Data

For this step in the process, we audited their PPC data and used the information to analyze the conversion traffic for each of the blog posts on Blazing SEO. From there, we determined which pages we needed to build links for.

3. Setting Up the Outreach Campaigns

We don’t promise 1,000 links overnight. If someone could do that, the majority of those links, if not all, would be low-quality and irrelevant. We strategically curated a list of sites that passed our “quality check” based on factors such as:

  1. Domain rating higher or equal to BlazingSEO’s DR
  2. Regular website maintenance and active content publishing
  3. Relevant niche and industry to BlazingSEO

Once these lists of sites have been set, we had our copywriters create several email drafts and we chose the best ones that will yield the highest open and response rates. The sequence of emails was sent and we let our email marketers handle the rest.


Industrial Defender’s organic traffic was below 150 when before we started to build links. Due to their lack of competitive, vital keywords that their site is ranking for.

The majority of the organic keywords they rank for as in positions 11 to 100.

4. Handcrafting Links from High Authority Industry Blogs

Our email marketers negotiated with the different websites that responded through our campaigns. Getting the agreements and content guidelines from the websites then started the handcrafting of their links.

The articles were written without the intention of promoting BlazingSEO. Their target URLs were added as valuable information sources in articles. As we not only think about our clients, but also the readers of the prospect sites we submit them to. We also created images as well as sent the articles to our editors for proofreading.

One of the links placed was from Att.com


Our end to end strategy helped Blazing SEO increase the following results

Before LinkDoctor, BlazingSEO heavily relied on direct marketing and performance marketing initiatives for delivering growth.

Within 3 months of working with LinkDoctor, BlazingSEO had their all time high revenue. It was the result of seamless collaborative effort between LinkDoctor and BlazingSEO teams.


Perhaps best of all is the actual results they created: after just two months, we have seen 89% increase in traffic and 138% increase in conversions!

We hired LinkDoctor.io to build links for one of our sites and were immediately impressed by their professionalism and, above all, their strong sense of ethics.

– Isaac Coleman, Marketing Director

Business Impact

Our strategic process led to these results that have met BlazingSEO’s goals and expectations.

1. 138% Increase in Conversions

As we picked out the pages based on their conversion traffic wisely and based on analytics, Blazing SEO’s conversion rate showed a significant increase of 138%. We didn’t pick out the most common target pages and URLs that many link building companies do. Instead, we strategically chose them.

2. Achieved All-time High Revenue

Being in business since 2013, Blazing SEO had achieved their all-time high revenue in December 2020, 2 months after we began link building for their site. Due to the results of our SEO services, their visibility improved which led to them getting more qualified leads.

3. 89% Increase in Organic Traffic

BlazingSEO’s traffic increased significantly after we have started link building. This is due to the guest posts we have created for relevant websites with target audiences that are interested in the niche.

4. Removal of Toxic Backlinks

One of the negative SEO attacks done to BlazingSEO is the accumulation of toxic backlinks. We offered our help in the disavowing of those backlinks which helped in the progress of their site. This is also the reason their domain rating, backlink count, and referring domains have dropped after 2 months. 

With our continuous work on acquiring white hat links by producing high-quality guest posts, their domain rating has increased by 9 points. This is compared to when we have started link building (October 2020) until the present day (September 2021).


Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the pain points of the BlazingSEO LLC helped us to get further into the root problem of their site’s inability to improve its traffic and domain rating.
  • The larger order they have placed compared to other clients on their first 2 months enabled us to deliver the results they were after at a much faster rate.
  • Relationship building is an important part of link building.
  • Natural link building yields results through safe methods. It takes time, but it will surely show results in the long run.
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