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Over the years of LinkDoctor’s existence, we have served more than 100+ clients with our top-notch link building services. We are proud to have helped them achieve some remarkable results.

Link building is hard work. It's also one of the most important pieces of SEO. Linkdoctor.io has a process that's effective and gets results. The Linkdoctor.io team is very knowledgable and they're always happy to offer their expert advice. The monthly reports are clear and transparent. Highly recommended!
- Lisa H Carnes, COO
  • 51% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 1936% Increase In Organic Traffic
Aaron Winston
Link Doctor is a top-notch agency that should be on top of anyone's list when it comes to building domain authority with your website's informative content. They are highly knowledgeable and take the time to explain everything to you, enabling you to feel confident every step of the way. If only everyone in the SEO world was like the team at LinkDoctor. 100/5 stars!
- Aaron Winston, Strategy Director 
  • 155% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 1030% Increase In Organic Traffic
Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO, ProxyScrape
LinkDoctor has delivered us some amazing results and our traffic has increased by over 100% in the initial months. Currently, they are still delivering amazing results, however, the growth has slowed down compared to the initial months. The growth is currently at 10% a month. Which is still an amazing result.
- Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO
  • 73% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 152% Increase In Organic Traffic
Andrew Ruditser
Very satisfied design agency owner. Strongly recommended! My design agency has been working with LinkDoctor for nearly a year now and I am extremely pleased with the level of service and attention that they've provided. They are excellent to work with, very attentive, and have genuinely shown me that they care about my agency's content strategy and search engine placement.
- Andrew Ruditser, Co-Founder
  • 156% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 452% Increase In Organic Traffic
LinkDoctor has accomplished quick and exceptional results for my organization. With consistent and clear communication, comprehensive reporting, and a sound strategy, I am continually impressed by their expertise - the data speaks for itself!
- Olivia, SEO Specialist
  • 365% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 927% Increase In Organic Traffic
Mike Cancade, Chief Revenue Officer at Lynn & Liana
LinkDoctor worked with Lynn & Liana Designs to boost their Organic Sales by 127% through Ethical link building. The site experienced an increased Domain Rating from 28 to 31 within the span of three months.
- Mike Cancade, Canada
  • 127% Increase In Organic Sales
  • Increase in 245 New keywords
Matia Stevanin
Karrycar's website experienced an organic traffic increase of 490% within three months of link building and an increase in traffic value from 0 to 30.
- Mattia Stevanin, Co-Founder
  • 490% Increase In Organic Traffic
  • 0 to 70 increase In Traffic value
David Carnes
Associations Online, popularly referred to as AMO, an association management platform, experienced a huge ranking increase from position 33 to 3 when LinkDoctor put efforts into Organic Keyword improvement. The site started ranking in position 1 for important Keywords along with 4X more traffic.
- David Carnes, Founder
  • 240% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 97% Increase in Keyword Position
Muzigal's website experienced a 600% increase in organic keyword volumes within the first few months from having started Link Building and a 193% increase in organic web traffic.
- Muzigal, Director of Marketing
  • 562% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 577% Increase In Organic Traffic
Lot of people can build links. These guys have their head into the game and it makes a big difference for us. They have a good grasp of the big picture and helped us grow in Google rankings.
- Philippe Daix, Founder
  • 60% Increase In Revenue
  • Rank 10 to 1 In 75 Days
LinkDoctor has done a fantastic job building links for our target content. They have helped us move from position 100+ to page 1 for our target keyword group. Would highly recommend them!
- Erin Anderson, Director of Marketing
  • 562% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 577% Increase In Organic Traffic
We hired LinkDoctor.io to build links for one of our sites and were immediately impressed by their professionalism and, above all, their strong sense of ethics.
- Isaac Coleman, Marketing Director
  • All Time High Revenue
  • 89% Increase In Organic Traffic
They are serious & ambitious to deliver great SEO results. All the communication is in front of the founders (Sam & Dan), and they are always available. They invest deep thought in strategy and put the customer goal first increase in conversions!
- Sapir Lyubinsky, Performace Marketing & Content Strategist
  • 176% Increase In Organic Traffic
  • 88% Increase In Organic Keywords