How to Build Links Fast (7 Tips)

How to Build Links Fast (7 Tips)

If you’re looking for link building tactics that produce FAST and high-quality backlinks, you’re on the right article. Today, we will discuss the different techniques to build quality links fast. We will include proactive tips you can incorporate with your tactics.

Link building takes a lot of time to finish. And it takes even more time to see the result of your efforts. These tips will help you speed up the link building process and still gain high-quality backlinks.

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Smart and Proactive Tips to Build Links Fast

Link building requires a lot of effort. For just a single link, you have to go through several steps and sometimes talk to different people.

But these proactive tips will require you to push your efforts a little further. To build links fast, follow these tips:

Tip#1: Do a Guest Post

Average Number of Days: 1-2 weeks

The beauty of guest blogging is that you control all the things needed to present your brand on other people’s blogs. You can position yourself as an industry expert and a relevant brand.

There are a few steps needed to make a guest post that will be accepted by the host site. Write the guest post according to the guidelines given by the host website. Align your content to the content of the host website and write it using the same voice.

Lastly, insert your link in the body of the article. The link should sound natural in the article. Promotional links that are obviously used for link building are devalued by search engines.

Outreach to Bloggers in Your Niche

The first thing to do is to do a blogger outreach. Reaching out to bloggers in your niche is better than contacting general blogs. This makes your link more valuable to the host websites.

Prospect responding with a guideline that we should follow in submitting a guest post.
Prospect responding with a guideline that we should follow in submitting a guest post.

As you can see, the prospect is telling us specific guidelines that we should follow when submitting a guest post. Follow the specific guidelines given by the prospect to get accepted by the host. In exchange for the work you’ve done, you’ll be rewarded with a link to one of your pages.

Tip#2: Mention Niche Influencers in Blog Posts

Average Number of Days: variable (depends on how long influencers will notice your mention)

There are a couple of ways to mention niche influencers in your blog without sounding promotional. You can include them in influencer roundups to get more links.

YouTube influencers can drive huge traffic back to your site if they decide to link to you. If they advertise your product in one of their vlogs, expect a couple of links from fans on their blogs.

Mentioning these influencers will make them notice your presence. Giving them products to try on their blogs, well that’s how you make them mention you back. Targeting niche influencers will make the traffic you’ll get more value for search engines.

Tip#3: Niche Edits

Average Number of Days: ~7 days

According to uSERP, the quality of the backlinks depends on the niche along with the domain authority of the backlink. Niche edits are editing live articles on niche websites with the keyword you use. Then you can link to this keyword and insert your URL to the live content. Let me give you an example.

Insert your link about outreach strategies on this anchor text (outreach strategy).
Insert your link about outreach strategies on this anchor text (outreach strategy).

Imagine you have a blog post about different outreach strategies. You can ask the website owner if you can add your link to the anchor text “outreach strategy”. Provide the website owner with credible reasons to give you a backlink, and you will get one.

Here are some tips when doing niche edits:

  • Make sure you’re linking to a website with a good link profile.
  • Your link should provide value to the content of the website owner.
  • Don’t buy the link. Persuade them with the benefits they can get from linking to your content.
  • Use keywords that are contextually relevant to the host article.

Tip#4: Utilize Broken Links

Average Number of Days: ~7 days

To get broken links, all you need to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Find relevant broken links.
  2. Create similar content with the old resource.
  3. Suggest to the linking websites to link to your active resource instead of the old one.

Broken link building is an easy way to get links to your site. But you need to put in some hard work when searching for broken links. The broken link must be relevant to your site to get high-quality links.

Backlink profile of a broken link from a high-DR website.
Backlink profile of a broken link from a high-DR website.

For example, this high-DR site has a dead webpage with a lot of backlinks. The backlinks are decreasing because webmasters are disavowing links from this page.

And for the remaining 692 backlinks, you can still get them. Do step number 2 and make them link back to your content. These are opportunities waiting for your effort to reach out.


What is White Hat Link Building

Tip#5: Promote Your Infographics

Average Number of Days: 1-2 weeks

The good thing about infographics is it’s so simple, yet so complex. It allows you to summarize your whole content into a single image. Infographics are also shareable and attractive to the eyes (and to backlinks).

The key to making an infographic is to sync your content and your promotions. And with proper content marketing, you can get consistent traffic and backlinks from a single infographic. Imagine if you can make 10 of these viral.

Here’s a sample of an infographic from our blog Link Earning: The Definitive Guide.

Comparing different aspects of link building and link earning.

Infographics like this summarize most of the content and can be shared by everyone in the niche. If they find it informative and helpful for their blogs, they can share it and link back to your site.

Tip#6: Create a Useful Tool For Your Niche

Average Number of Days: variable

As we’ve mentioned in our article about one way link building, creating a tool is a way to earn links. And to speed up the process, the tool you made must have a high impact on your community. People should benefit from it for them to share it.

It must be clear what your tool was intended for. If it’s a calculator, then it must function as a calculator. If it’s meant for more than that, you should deliberately define other features of your online tool.

When people know what to do with your tool, they will use it more often. The more they’re familiar with the tool, the more they will share it with others.

You can also include the tools you’ve made in your roundups. You can also ask other websites that post roundups to include your software or tool on their list. This will speed up the link building process for the tools you make.

Tip#7: Steal Competitor Backlinks With Better Content

Average Number of Days: 1-2 weeks

If you’re up for the challenge, here’s a great tip to build links fast. If you’re constantly watching your competitors and learning from their techniques, then you’re off to a great start. But now, you have to steal some of their links and convert them to yours.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Authoritative mentions – if good brands are mentioned in an article, getting your brand mentioned will give your brand a boost.
  • Quality backlinks – competitor links are also within your niche, so you’re gaining relevant backlinks to your site.
  • Instant visibility – your competitors are famous because they’re getting links from sites that boost their visibility. By getting links from the same websites, it gives your brand instant visibility.

Or if you’re not that competitive, gaining a link from one of your competitor’s linking sites is a good win. You gain a link from a legitimate blog and your competitor keeps their link. But that doesn’t give you a pass to make mediocre content only for links.

Instead, think of better content that will provide more value to their audience. This way, you’ll get the attention of their audience more than what your competitor can achieve. Other bloggers in your niche will choose to give you a backlink because your content outweighs your competitor’s.


1. What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting is when a writer writes for another website to acquire links. It is a part of the link building strategy used by many digital marketing companies.

2. What is a link profile?

A link profile is a collection of all the internal links in a website. It describes the characteristics and nature of the internal links present in a website. It includes the quality, quantity and diversity of all the inbound links. It is also a crucial ranking factor for Google.

3. What is DR?

DR or domain rating is a comparative metric. It predicts how well a website or subdomain will rank in the search results by analyzing the quantity and quality of the internal links present in a website.

Are You Up For the Challenge?

Link building is a combined effort between patience and hard work. If you don’t have the patience for your hard work to bloom, you’ll have to double your efforts.

No cheating, though. LinkDoctor does not recommend buying links because you can get penalized by Google. There are no shortcuts in link building, but there are workarounds to build links fast.

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