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Our targeted blogger outreach service brings you high-quality links from established blogs.

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We don't waste time on PBN, made-for-guest-post sites, link exchanges, or overhyped DA/aDR sites. We deliver only the highest-quality backlinks through our blogger outreach program.
Affordable Pricing
Through our years of experience and lean project management skills, we've made the art of blogger outreach efficient and affordable. We pass on those savings to you, our valued client.
Human Centered
We believe quality links come naturally out of meaningful relationships. We reach out to bloggers in your industry, build relationships, and deliver you high-quality backlinks.

Replacement Guarantee

We'll monitor your links and replace them if they're removed. We'll even replace any links that you’re not happy with for any reason.

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  • aDR 30 to 60
  • Average aDR 40+
  • 500+/m Traffic Sites
  • 10 Links
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  • aDR 30 to 70
  • Average aDR 40+
  • 500+/m Traffic Sites
  • 15 Links
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  • aDR 30 to 80
  • Average aDR 40+
  • 500+/m Traffic Sites
  • 25 Links
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  • aDR 30 to 85
  • Average aDR 40+
  • 500+/m Traffic Sites
  • 50 Links
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blogger Outreach Service?
Our blogger outreach service delivers in-content editorial links from authority blogs in your niche. Placement will be on the editorial part of the article, giving you the maximum benefit.
What happens once I place my order?
As soon as you place your order, we will set up a kick-off call with you. Once we get the necessary information, the team will begin to work on your order. You will be kept updated via our order system as and when new links are won for your website.
Can I approve the blogs before you contact them?
Unfortunately, we're not able to offer pre-screening of the blogs; our process is too fast! Our priority is making sure you get results as quickly as possible, and any review process would hurt our ability to do this. Remember, however, that our links are guaranteed if you're unhappy with any one of them, just let us know and we'll replace it.
Do you have a list of blogs that you have arrangements with for placing links?
Nope! Many outreach services have pre-arrangements with bloggers to publish content. We shy away from this practice. Why? If anyone can get their content published on a blog just by paying a fee or having a pre-arrangement, the long-term value of the blog is diluted. Search engines cleverly identify such blogs and constantly hit them with bans. Instead, we research your specific niche and reach out to the people we think are the right influencers for your industry.
What niches do you work with?
We work with almost every niche, but there are a few exceptions. We don't work with niches such as casinos, gambling, dating, pornography, drugs, or any illegal niches. If you have concerns, please contact us. We will refund any order that we don't think is the right fit.
Are these backlinks white hat and safe?
Blogger outreach is one of the safest methods of link building. It's been used for years by PR teams to build relationships with bloggers. All the sites we contact are vetted for content quality and are totally safe.
Are there any monthly commitments?
No, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no monthly commitments. Our blogger outreach plans are billed on a monthly recurring model. You can cancel these plans anytime from your client dashboard or on PayPal or Stripe.
Which plan should I choose?
Our Personal and Basic plans are suited for personal and smaller sites. Most larger websites would benefit highly from our Plus or Premium plan. If you're in a highly competitive industry, you may need a custom plan that is not listed on our website. Contact us and we can work out a plan that's perfect for you.
Are the placements permanent?
Our links tend to last for a long period, as they're not rented or cut out through a deal with the bloggers. It’s tricky to say how many years the links will last, but most will last as long as the site owner runs the blog—which will ideally be many years. Over the years, some links might fall off—that's just the nature of the web. We monitor your links for the first 6 months, and if there are any drops, we replace them for you with no questions asked.
How is this different from guest post services?
Blogger outreach services are developed as packages with several links per month to enable a site to grow or retain search ranking. If you know how many links are required to fight your battle, you should choose our blogger outreach service. If you're looking for flexibility to start small and scale up as your business grows, you should consider our guest post services.

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