5 Benefits Of Guest Posting For Link Building

The benefits of guest posting for link building can be summarized in three words: authority, trust, and legitimacy. Consider this example: an authoritative figure like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, or Elon Musk writes an article on a new website. How much time do you think it will take Google to rank the website on the first page of the search engine?

Not weeks, days, or hours, it takes only seconds for Google to recognize the authoritative figure and rank their content in search engines. And this authority and recognition are what you can receive when you utilize guest posting.

With traditional methods of gaining website ranking, you must read many blogs or articles telling you about consistent efforts, SEO hacks, PPC marketing, and other ways to rank your website on the first page of search engines. But, here’s guest posting, which ranks and authorizes content from a well-known person even if the website is a day old.

Hope you get the gist of how effective guest posting could be provided by Google or any search engine that recognizes you or the website (if you’re starting with guest blogging). 

This article will help you understand guest posting, and the benefits of guest posting for link building.

What is Guest Posting?

In simple terms, Guest blogging is writing for a fellow business site. Guest blogging basically works in two ways (i.e.) pitching your content to other websites or websites in your industry approach you to write for them. As a matter of fact, you will receive guest blogging opportunities from fellow websites when you have a good following in your website.

Guest posting is not only to drive traffic and give different content to readers but also for self-marketing. Hence choose wisely when accepting guest posts, because these will reflect on you.

If you are starting guest posting for the first time, you can approach web pages by providing an undeniable pitch (also, don’t forget to add a link to your own site). You simply cannot ask for a guest posting opportunity without having to show the website owner what you have got to offer. Research in-depth and tell the website owners that you are worth their time, and you will engage their readers with your guest post.

How Guest Posting for Link Building is beneficial?

The following are the benefits of guest posting:

  • Get attention from readers of prestigious blogs.
  • Establish your authority and expertise.
  • Build links.
  • Improve brand awareness.
  • Increase traffic and leads.

Get Attention From Readers of Prestigious Blogs

As a writer, you need readers. And guest blogging gives you exposure to attract more audiences seeking the information you write. As a guest blogger, you might gain quite a number of followers; if approaching other websites brings you more traffic and readers to your site, why not try it?

Writing for a website with a good ranking and social media following must be your target. Once your guest blog post is published and you start receiving traffic to your website, the visits for your profile eventually increases. 

Establish Your Authority and Expertise

The great content you produce in your guest posts shows the readers how much of an information source you are in that particular niche. And if your guest blog is featured on a renowned website, automatically, readers consider your information to be credible.

With the trust you build with your guest blogs in ranking websites, you automatically drive readers to your website. And as per a recent survey, 62.96% of readers consider websites with multiple blogs as a trusted source of information. 

Build Links 

Guest blogging is an effective way of digital marketing in the modern era. Most of the websites allow you to add links to redirect to your website. In case other websites don’t allow you to add links, you should reconsider your decision in taking up the guest blogging opportunity. 

With the backlinks added to the quality content you produce, readers get a chance to know your works better and become consistent readers. But these backlinks will be of no use to you if you don’t keep your website updated. The more time you invest in writing guest blogs for other websites, the more you can keep your website updated, and the website’s audience engaged.

This makes your readers feel you are a credible source, and they can trust the information you provide.

Improve Brand Awareness

Your website represents your brand. To be precise, you are a brand being the expert in your niche. Hence guest posting helps to improve your brand awareness.

As a website owner, getting guest bloggers to write posts on your site is also a great way to drive traffic to your site. Guest bloggers writing on your site can bring more followers.

When you receive a guest blog or write one for a website, ensure to maintain the brand tone. Guest posts intend to keep your audience engaged with fresh content but not confuse them.

Increase Traffic and Leads

The main reason for guest posting is to generate traffic and leads via backlinks. Before deciding which website you can approach, the first thing for you to consider is your niche relevancy. Do you have an established niche? The second thing should be if the target website has a steady traffic flow. 

People starting out with guest posting will want to start small, on a website with traffic similar to theirs. And they may want to start with a website that has lower traffic, because they’re just starting. If they get rejected, it won’t hurt too much. If you jump onto a high website and get rejected, you may not get let back for some time, so start small or in the middle.


Keep your content marketing game strong to excel in your guest blogging and reap those benefits. Do thorough research for your guest blog, adapt to the tone of your targeted audience, and market yourself in every guest post you write (preferably link your quality content or service).

Starting as a guest blogger is one of the best first steps in the growth of your content marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting is writing for other websites within the same industry with an intent to drive traffic to your own website.

How do I get guests to post to my site?

Add a section called write for us, where guest bloggers looking for guest blogging opportunities can reach out to you. You can also try posting your requirements on social media accounts, widening your circle to find the proper guest blogger for your website.

Is guest posting effective in building backlinks?

Writing a single guest post and expecting traffic in return is not fair (practically not possible.) But if you get that post accepted, then begin adding high-quality content to that site, and in turn, gain high-quality links.

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