Backlinks Italiani: How to Link Build to Your Italian Website

If you’ve done link building before, then you’re no stranger to the challenges and difficulties of link acquisition. Imagine doing it to gain foreign backlinks, specifically Italian backlinks. If you are a native speaker of the language, then you’re in luck.

If not, then we’re going to help you build Italian backlinks to your .it website. We have an ongoing project with an Italian client, and we’ll share with you the successes and challenges we’ve encountered along the way. Stay tuned for more details!

In this article:

  1. Steps to Build Links to Italian Websites
  2. How Did We Do It?
  3. Final Word

Backlinks Italiani – 5 Easy Steps

Link building for Italian websites is intriguing. It’s almost the same as the general link-building methods used by many, like keyword research, among others. But you have to invest deeply in guest posting and impressive content to drive organic traffic to your Italian website.

Outreach is also a critical step when finding a good website to build links to. Knowing the high-authority websites in your niche is key to building relevance in your industry. Here are the steps you need to take for link building in Italy:

  1. Develop a Targeted Link Building Strategy
  2. Italian Keyword Research
  3. Manual Outreach to Niche-Related Italian Websites
  4. Creating an Italian Content for Readers
  5. Hiring Italian SEO and Link Building Agencies

Let’s get to it!

1. Develop a Targeted Link Building Strategy

Backlinks Italiani - Targeted Link Building
Backlinks Italiani – Targeted Link Building

In most of the successful projects that we held, the planning stage is the most delicate one. You have to make your thoughts materialize by planning and executing a strategy. But you have to know something first before you start pulling out your planning sheets.

Google is intelligent because it adapts its algorithm based on your searches. However, this search engine only has a firm grasp of the English language. Other languages, for example – Italian, is not interpreted well by Google, unlike English.

For link builders, this is something to capitalize on. If you anchor your strategy into this very thought, you can easily rank your Italian website for high-volume Italian keywords. And since Google can’t understand the language that well, you can build links to any authority Italian and English websites.

Targeting your link-building strategy is important to get relevant sites for backlinks. But, since it’s not as strict as the English SERP, you can also get backlinks from authority sites outside your niche. Make sure that there’s still some degree of relevance so Google won’t penalize your Italian website.

2. Italian Keyword Research

Backlinks Italiani - Keyword Research
Backlinks Italiani – Keyword Research

Next, you have to do some keyword research to know what to rank for. You can choose highly competitive Italian keywords to get your website on top of SERPs.

Italian keyword research is basically the same as the keyword research we often do for English websites. You may have to use Google Translate to find the exact match keyword you need.

Translating English keywords to Italian will help find exact match keywords for your site.
Backlinks Italiani – Translating English keywords to Italian will help find exact match keywords for your site.

Once you have the keywords you want to rank for, you can find competitor backlinks and propose link-building with these sites. Finding the right keywords to rank for is important to increase your website’s ranking effectively.

3. Manual Outreach to Niche-Related Websites

Backlinks Italiani - Manual Outreach
Backlinks Italiani – Manual Outreach

Now that you have a list of potential niche websites, you have to reach out to them one by one. Manual outreach is a good way to establish a relationship and extend your network with Italian websites. Once you make a good relationship with them, it’s easier to convince them to give a backlink to you.

The key to effective manual outreach is to make your outreach attempt unique and interesting. Though owners of Italian websites receive relatively fewer emails than English site owners. The takeaway is that website owners know that you’re reaching out to them for links.

It’s better to be straight with your intent and leverage the situation by providing value through your contribution.

4. Creating Italian Content for Readers

Backlinks Italiani - Create Italian Related Content
Backlinks Italiani – Create Italian-Related Content

Here’s how you make good content for Italian readers:

  • Stay updated with trendy topics relevant to your niche.
  • Create unique, long-form posts based on real data and research.
  • News coverage of the latest technologies in your niche.

Writing good content is one thing, writing one for the readers is another. You have to focus on writing your content for your readers and treat them as enthusiasts. A well-researched piece is favored and recognized by authority websites in the niche.

Another thing to remember is to write your content in conversational Italian. The more fluent you are, the more traffic your content will attract. Your link will also appear more natural because you can insert it in the article contextually.

It’s always a challenge if you want to create high-quality content. But this kind of strategy, whether it’s an Italian or English website, is reliable. High-quality content is almost like a magnet to high-quality backlinks.

5. Hiring Italian SEO and Link Building Agencies

Backlinks Italiani - Hire Italian Link Building Agencies
Backlinks Italiani – Hire Italian Link Building Agencies

If you’re absolutely clueless about what I’m talking about in the past 4 minutes, you should consider hiring an Italian link-building agency. You should also consider one if you want Italian backlinks but have a slim margin for error. A link-building agency provides expert solutions to your link-building problems.

However, not all Italian link builders use white hat link-building strategies to gather backlinks. Although relevance is not a big deal in the state of foreign SERPs, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in SEO. LinkDoctor™ does not recommend using black hat tactics for link building.

How Did We Do It?

The first thing we did is to meet with the client and formulate a link-building strategy that’s in line with their business model. We started working with the client last July 7, 2021. Here’s how we found potential websites for our link-building campaign:

  1. Competitor analysis of backlinks
  2. Keyword and anchor text analysis
  3. Organic link-building and article optimization for high-volume keywords

And since last July 7, we’ve seen a significant increase in their domain’s backlink profile. Here’s what we noticed from their Ahrefs overview:

The client's link building results in Ahrefs for the past 30 days.
Backlinks Italiani – The client’s link-building results in Ahrefs for the past 30 days.

We’ve targeted websites that are niche-related to our client’s website. By reaching out to these target websites, we made sure that the backlinks we produce are high-quality. Here’s an example of an outreach email that we received as a response to our outreach:

An example of an email response from a prospect website.
Backlinks Italiani – An example of an email response from a prospect website.

From these kinds of positive responses, we leverage the situation and introduce how our client’s website will add value to the article we’re producing. If they find that our URL is link-worthy, we’ll gain a dofollow link for our client.

And since we’re reaching out to English websites, the content we produce is also written in English. This way, we are sure that the content we’re producing is top quality. The goal is to make it in-depth and well-researched so that the readers will benefit from it. This will add more value to the backlink that we’re building.

We’re still working with the client as of now, but we will update this blog post if we’re fruitful with our strategies. If we’re successful, we can also employ this strategy to acquire German backlinks.

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Final Word

Building backlinks for Italian websites requires the same amount of effort and patience as with ordinary link building. If you’ve been building links for a while now, link building for your Italian website won’t be a problem. The only thing that’s going to be challenging is the way you make your content.

To have .it backlinks to your Italian website, you have to overcome these challenges. Through organic outreach and guest posting, you can make your Italian website rank higher on Google.

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