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Quality Over Quantity

Our link building is all about quality. Link building service agencies sometimes abuse the backlinking process with spammy, low quality links, and unnatural link building tactics have tarnished the credibility of this field.

Nothing will ever convince us that quality links are not the superior choice! Our link building efforts center on creating high quality backlinks that matter to Google. We do all it takes to maintain top-notch quality links for your business. 

Featured as One of the Top Link Building Companies by Neil Patel

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Risk Free, Month-to-Month Contracts

Customer satisfaction is at the core of LinkDoctor’s values. Your contentment and peace of mind matter to us! Therefore, we focus on providing you with a risk free experience.

You can work with us on a month-to-month contract basis. If you wish to continue with our link building services, we will renew the contract, or you can opt out with no hassle or liability. Unlike other link building companies, we offer a Link Replacement Guarantee to our clients. If you are not 100% satisfied with any link, we will replace it. We monitor your links to confirm their continual placement, and if removed, we will replace those links too.

“Link Doctor has done a fantastic job building links for our target content. They have helped us move from position 100+ to page 1 for our target keyword group. Would highly recommend them!”

– Michael Fox, President & CEO

Low Hanging Fruit

Psssstttt… we’re giving away a secret here. We can get you fast results because we apply proven long-term methods and pick the low-hanging fruit too.

The digital world has a massive reach, and minor elements, on and off web pages, can come together to generate big effects. But because it is easy to overlook some of these small yet significant factors, it can take longer to yield results with organic link building. We take advantage of all the low-hanging fruit, achieving your best results much faster.

Business Alignment

One of the top mistakes businesses make is to attempt link building in a silo. Not only does it impact your outcome, but it also limits your ROI.

So that you see excellent returns on every penny you invest, we implement effective link building strategies in tandem with your overall business strategies and goals. By aligning natural link-building tactics with business operations and objectives, we drive outstanding results for our clients.

Tailored Strategy

Every business is unique, and an appropriate link-building strategy will reflect a company’s particular and nuanced objectives. Successful link-building campaigns include strategies tailored to your website.

When you decide to work with us, we put together a highly customized strategy, including a link-building campaign, blog post, technical SEO, and guest posting on relevant sites to help you stay a step ahead. The strategy will involve market analysis, playing to your strengths, and monitoring the competition.

Data Driven Action

Search engines continuously adopt new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. They also use human quality reviewers to rate a website. The only way to keep up with such rapid change is to stay on top of data, search engine algorithms, and technical advancements.

We keep a close eye on the latest developments at the macro level, i.e., search engines, and monitor every data point at the micro-level, i.e., your custom link building strategy. Deriving insights from both, we continually fine-tune the course of action to maximize your business returns.

Industry Mentions

Pat Cooper

Thrilled to have been a part of this marketing survey! Take a look at how SEO pros are leveraging link building in 2020.

👉 Content creation and outreach ranked #1 in link building
👉 Half of SEOs slowed link building due to budget cuts
👉 And more!

Rand Fishkin

Nice work on this link building survey (210 respondents, wide range of geos):

Despite Google’s scare tactics against guest posts, they’re still a huge part of how folks do the work (and, IMO, very safe if done well).

Joshua Hardwick

71.9% SEOs use Ahrefs blog as the #1 place to get trained on link building 😍

Nice study from @LinkDoctorHQ

David Wallace

Link Building Survey 2020, COVID-19 Edition: Here’s What We Found

Markus Hoevener

Link Building Survey 2020, COVID-19 Edition Gut so: “Content creation and outreach were rated as the #1 link building method”

Marcin Nieweglowski

The key insights about link building.
#seo #contentmarketing #linkbuilding

With Our SEO Link Building Services, Your Success Will Look Like…

Better Search

Improved Domain

Improved Search
Engine Rankings

Growing Organic

Quality Leads

Higher Sales

-Adam Lacey, Director

Highly recommend

Not only do they deliver on their link-building promises, but they have also provided very valuable advice on SEO for our site, and we’re already seeing results. I’ve already recommended these guys to other businesses and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again!

Our action plan to propel your success with the best link building service

Once you decide to pick us as your link building partner, we get into the action to craft the customized link building strategy that fits your business goals. Here’s the process we go through to ensure your success with link building. 


We start by analysing who is your target audience and create content to resonate with them and post in relevant sites. We will also run a thorough competition analysis to identify the best opportunities search engines hold for you. 


We audit your website and build a powerful SEO strategy comprising important elements such as website architecture, web pages contents, keywords, broken links, inbound links, secure links, user experience, and so on. 


Once we have all the strategies laid out, we get straight into execution mode. This includes optimizing your website, creating the right content, link placement, running link building campaigns, blogger outreach, guest posts, resource link building, and much more.


As our execution kicks in, we track every data point to see how our strategies are working. We will send you regular reports highlighting the outcomes of each activity. These reports will help you make effective decisions on other functional areas of your business. 

– Michael J. Fox, President/CEO

More Value for your Money

Reports are timely, and the work is more superior compared to the work of many well known bank linking companies. Rankings improved month one where other companies took much longer with less valuable back links and guest posts. 

LinkDoctor’s Line in the Sand

Data Driven Links

Links that move the needle and deliver result for the long term.

Topically Relevant Links

Related niche links that help increase the topical authority of your domain. 

High Quality Links

No low quality, spammy backlinks that provide little to no value.

No PBN Links

Private Blog Network (PBN) links are dishonest and have no place with us. 

No Hyped DA/aDR Sites

No links from sites that have increased their metrics through illegitimate means.

If you’re an SEO agency or a digital marketing agency unable to take on the heavy job of link building, we can help you with our white label link building services.

We are a link building company that provides quality SEO link building services to other agencies with the same vigor as our individual clients. We treat your clients as our own and deliver the best results. Better search rankings, more referral traffic, improved domain authority, and more for your clients. Satisfied clients, increased ROI, peace of mind, and more for you.

Our link building packages for agencies include everything from building and executing the backlinking strategy to reporting the progress for each of your clients.

If you’re a link building services agency in need of a helping hand for quality link building services, we’d be happy to help!

Not Just for Individual Businesses,
You Can Outsource Link Building
Services to Us

– Sapir Lyubinsky, Content Strategist

A Solid Service for Backlinks – Team

Customer support is top-notch! The team focusing on off-page SEO cover high-quality Links. They are serious & ambitious to deliver great SEO results. All the communication is in front of the founders (Sam & Dan), and they are always available. They invest deep thought in strategy and put the customer goal first. I would definitely recommend them for link building services.

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White Label Link Building Services?

We are the Best Link Building Agency
You Can Count On

Over the years of LinkDoctor’s existence, we have served more than 100 clients with our top notch link building services. We are proud to have helped them achieve some remarkable results.

Link building is hard work. It's also one of the most important pieces of SEO. has a process that's effective and gets results. The team is very knowledgable and they're always happy to offer their expert advice. The monthly reports are clear and transparent. Highly recommended!
- Lisa H Carnes, COO
  • 51% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 1936% Increase In Organic Traffic
Aaron Winston
Link Doctor is a top-notch agency that should be on top of anyone's list when it comes to building domain authority with your website's informative content. They are highly knowledgeable and take the time to explain everything to you, enabling you to feel confident every step of the way. If only everyone in the SEO world was like the team at LinkDoctor. 100/5 stars!
- Aaron Winston, Strategy Director 
  • 155% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 1030% Increase In Organic Traffic
Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO, ProxyScrape
LinkDoctor has delivered us some amazing results and our traffic has increased by over 100% in the initial months. Currently, they are still delivering amazing results, however, the growth has slowed down compared to the initial months. The growth is currently at 10% a month. Which is still an amazing result.
- Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO
  • 73% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 152% Increase In Organic Traffic
Andrew Ruditser
Very satisfied design agency owner. Strongly recommended! My design agency has been working with LinkDoctor for nearly a year now and I am extremely pleased with the level of service and attention that they've provided. They are excellent to work with, very attentive, and have genuinely shown me that they care about my agency's content strategy and search engine placement.
- Andrew Ruditser, Co-Founder
  • 156% Increase In Organic Keywords
  • 452% Increase In Organic Traffic

We Strive to Lead the way in Link Building Industry

The LinkDoctor team isn’t only committed to providing the best link building services to our clients.
We are continuously experimenting and gathering the right information to find better ways of building links and maximizing the results.

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Bring your clients on top with our expert-curated SEO Strategy. Get an edge over your competitors, and rank on the top of SERPs. Try our white label SEO reselling service to reap the benefits while we knit the perfect strategy for you.

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“Content is the key,” and we at LinkDoctor believe this. With our content marketing strategy, you can be ensured to see your articles over your competitors in SERPs. We create the best content, keeping in mind your target audience and making your brand shine in the crowd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Link building services help grow your brand in the competitive space by curating the best SEO strategy for your business. They help you gain organic traffic & keywords, improve conversion rates, improve brand visibility, build authentic links, and produce relevant content for users.

Link building tools streamline your link building campaigns and help you reduce manual tasks. Among hundreds of link building tools, some of the most effective tools we use are Aherfs, SEMrush, Google search, SEOquake, and Moz.

A good backlink is a way of telling Google that your site is relevant and authoritative. A good backlink is an authoritative outbound link to a trustworthy website. Good backlinks come with relevant anchor text and on-page content.

White hat link building techniques are the organic way to increase the website’s authority, traffic, and leads. White hat link building strategies take a human approach instead of hacking search engine algorithms.

The best link building strategies will depend on the type of business, niche and competitors. Some of the most effective link building strategies working well in 2023 are using broken links, manual outreach, etc.

SEO Link Building Services is relevant because good backlinks help rank a website higher, help increase leads and conversions, help gain more brand visibility, establish a relationship in your niche, etc.

You will gain higher search engine rankings through an effective link-building technique. Link building benefits include receiving referral traffic, more search rankings, an increase in organic traffic, increase in Domain Authority, among many more.

The cost of link building is not specific but depends on the type of service, the competitive niche, and the duration of the service. The average link building cost range between $100 – $20,000 per month.